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1.  What is a Home Inspection?
A home inspection is a complete visual examination of all the systems and structural components of a home.  A home inspection identifies existing or potential defects and possible safety concerns that may be hidden from the untrained eye

2.  Who needs a Home Inspection?

Both buyers and sellers need a home inspection. Buyers need a home inspection to learn about the condition of the new or pre-owned home they are interested in purchasing. This helps prevent any surprises after you move in. New home owners need a warranty inspection before the warranty expires. New homes may have defects that were overlooked by the builder. These corrections can easily exceed the cost of an inspection. If you catch them prior to warranty expiration, your warranty should cover them. Sellers need a home inspection, or listing inspection, in order to uncover any repairs that might need to be made before the home is listed on the market. This helps prevent any surprise repairs that a buyers inspector might uncover and helps move the closing along without delays due to defects in the home.
3.  Why do I need a Home Inspection?
Buying a home is the largest and most important single investments most people will ever make. It makes good sense to learn as much as you can about the home you are interested in buying. A home inspection will inform you about unexpected and possibly costly repairs to your home that might escape the untrained eye. AMG Home & Property Inspections provides you with an accurate and professional evaluation of the home's condition and components and uncovers defects that might escape the untrained eye. This helps you make an informed decision about the property--before you buy it.
4.  Should I be present for the Home Inspection?
Although your presence is not required, it is recommended. This way any items in the report can be explained in person and your questions and concerns can be answered immediately and to your satisfaction.
5.  Will you fix problems that you find at the inspection?
No. The code of ethics of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) does not allow its members to repair conditions on properties they inspect. This assures that there will never be any conflict of interest by the inspector. A home inspection should be an independent, unbiased and objective report on the condition of the home. AMG Home & Property Inspections values integrity and trust.
6.  What if I have questions about the home after the inspection?
AMG Home & Property Inspections values the relationship with you and will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the property even after you have moved in and settled down.

Frequently Asked Questions

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