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(All Services Performed by Owner)

  • An AMG Home & Property Inspection begins with a thorough examination of all of the homes major components & Systems. Here is an example of our home inspector checklist; however, this is not a complete list:

  • Roof

  • Electrical System

  • Plumbing System

  • Heating and Air Conditioning

  • Foundation

  • Basements and Crawlspace

  • Doors, Windows

  • Over 300+ areas of the home

  • So whether you are looking to buy a new or existing home, our goal is to help you protect your investment. As a certified home inspector, I will provide you with a complete home inspection.

  • An added feature of working with AMG Home & Property Inspections is the use of  Thermal Imaging. Thermal images provide us with differences in temperature which provide crucial information that could range from, electrical problems to water damage & roof leaks, at the time of the inspection. We do not represent that all issues will be caught. If issues are detected, images will be included in report. This is not an energy audit.

  • Once the inspection is completed, a report with visual, thermal, and diagram images is provided in an easy to read and understandable format.

  • Home Maintenance Inspections: AMG Home and Property Inspections provides Home Maintenance Inspections to keep you informed of your home’s current condition. A Home Maintenance Inspection can alert you to any problems that might be brewing in your home’s structure or components. This way they can be repaired to prevent further deterioration of your home’s condition.

  • Home Warranty Inspection: A Home Warranty Inspection should take place before the home’s warranty expires. New homes may have defects that were overlooked by the builder. These corrections can easily exceed the cost of an inspection. If you catch them prior to warranty expiration, your warranty should cover them.






0-2000 Square Feet                        $395.00

2001-3000 Square Feet                 $495.00

3001-3500 Square Feet                 $550.00

3501-4000 Square Feet                 $595.00

4001-4500 Square Feet                 $650.00

Over 4500 Square Feet                 Call for Quote

Condo/Townhome 0-1400 Square Feet: $350.00

Home With Basement (up to 1000 Sq Ft): add $100.00

Additional fees apply for Crawlspace & Older Homes

Re-Inspection: $150.00 (up to 10 items)

Free Thermal Imaging

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